Why It’s Okay to Change Your Favorite Home Recliner

You gaze upon your favorite recliner tucked in the corner of the basement. You recall sitting on your grandmother’s lap listening to her read you a story while the aromatic scent of bread baking tickles at your nose. Can you still remember yourself out of sight behind that recliner in a game of hiding and seek with your siblings or childhood friend?

There is something to be said for cherished memories. Even though you may shy away from admitting it, the style of home we prefer such as modern versus traditional;  the type of furniture we choose like contemporary versus mid-century modern; a handcrafted ornament; or even a recliner is a statement of what we like. Why? Because our emotional connections to belongings often reflect our perception of ourselves.

The association of comfort and familiarity with a favorite object is called a ‘transitional object’. And, when the moment arrives to remove it, this can sometimes feel like you’re letting go of a part of you. You may find yourself expressing excuses such as “my favorite recliner is broke, and I’m not ready to replace it.” This type of excuse can mask a habitual need to feel comfortable and safe.

Why You’re Reluctant to Give Up Your Favorite Chair

What will you do if you get rid of the old chair? You enjoy the memories and the health benefits of your recliner which
generally are:

· Good stretch for your spine: Stretching the back allows you to ease back pain and relieve the pressure on joints, tired feet, and reduce joint pain. Using a recliner helps open the shoulders, chest, and neck.

· Good for your heart: When you are reclined there is an improvement in blood circulation, and air circulation within the lungs, as well as lower acid reflux.

· Lower stress: Once you settle back into your recliner, the chaos of external situations disappears and it’s just you in your world.

You are quite fine as a homebody. Anything outside your comfort zone unsettles you and even tests your ability to cope.

The Thought of Change Stresses You

Moving a recliner from a room can present unforeseen challenges. This is where excuses start to creep in. Ask yourself,

Are you set in your ways?

Do you feel a lack of self-confidence in making the change?

Do you see change as unnecessary?

There are two major hassles that create exasperation and at the same time fear.

1. Your recliner is too heavy and bulky. Unlike regular chairs and sofas, recliners take up space and are made with heavy materials such as wood and metal.

2. You cringe at the exhaustive search to find a place to dispose of it. Be mindful that recliners are essentially not landfill-friendly. You want to plan what sort of resources you can leverage when you are ready to say good-bye to your favorite recliner. Can it be donated or recycled?

Do You Still Feel Torn?

Once you decide to remove the recliner, take some time to reflect on what may still be cluttering your thoughts. Are you anxious with regret? Is there a sense of something missing? Release emotional clutter — beneath this is the fear of the unknown.

On the other hand, do you find yourself amused when you imagine a different look? Do you like the openness of your current room without the recliner?  This may be a sign to update your space.

Letting Go Is Key to Manage Emotions

However, change is necessary for you to reflect on why you have emotional attachments.

The way you think about yourself and adjust to a new way of thinking may not come easily. Likewise, old memories are great to keep. Yet, there are some memories that bring you down and not helpful to your self-esteem. It takes work to let go.

It’s an opportunity to visualize a new you without the weight of memories not serving you. Take a moment to see where you are experiencing small improvements in your well-being. Do you find yourself smiling surrounded by new, functional decor, chairs, and sofa? If yes, then take small steps towards finding a new style of a recliner — one that makes a statement about the new you.

Go Beyond Declutter Excuses

You have everything within you to make change happen including letting go of the heavy memories of your favorite recliner. Kick back, relax. Change is scary. With small steps, you can make impactful decisions to inspire you to welcome change.

Do you love or dread recliners?

What comes to mind —do you enjoy curling up or shrink from a room when you see one? Share your thoughts.


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