Essential Tips to Manage Separation Anxiety During Home Staging

New Start Staging - Life Begins After New Start - Essential Tips to Manage Separation Anxiety During Home Staging

You’ve decided to leverage home staging to sell your home.  This adds another layer of emotion to your already existing feelings of overwhelm.   The last thing you would associate these feelings with is separation anxiety. After all, moving is a big change.

The way you deal with change manifests in various ways. 

For example, if your daily routine of checking for missed bills, lost glasses, misplaced house keys are confused by the preoccupation of blocked text messages and the whereabouts of your loved ones 24/7, you may be unaware you’re prone to separation anxiety.

What is Separation Anxiety?

Separation anxiety is defined as the fear or distress that can happen to both children and adults when they think about separating from home or from the people (even pets) they’ve become attached to.

This type of anxiety is often associated with being a childhood experience.  Think back to chats you’ve had with a parent dealing with their two-year-old’s struggle to understand why mom or dad is absent. You may have outgrown the terrible two’s but subconsciously, there is repressed memories.

Yet, the disorder follows us in varying degrees throughout our lives.

According to The American Journal of Psychiatry, an estimated 43.1 percent of people who experience separation disorder other than as children, develop the condition after 18 years of age.

Up until 2013, adult separation anxiety disorder (ASAD) research and diagnosis remained unknown.

Distorting Fears Creates Splintered Emotions

Your compulsive need to be near someone is exhausting your loved ones. This is exacerbated by the rise of social media that can mask separation anxiety.  You may believe sending numerous text messages or video conferencing during the span of a day is acceptable when it’s actually suffocating your loved ones.

Depending on the degree of your separation anxiety, you can experience symptoms from nightmares to headaches, nausea, and excessive worry.

Your excessive worry can remove you from living in the present moment, and spur you to anguish over the future of what life will be like without a friend or having to start again in a new neighborhood.

Inertia Feels Safer

Pay attention to your excessive worry as this can manifest into irrational thoughts. Are there other triggers other than preparing for your big move causing you doubt?

These thoughts heighten uneasiness in those around you. When you can fully manage your response to fears of the unknown, you can let go of things.

Seek Adventure by Being Present

Visualize your new life. As you do this, go one step further, and try these essential tips to ease some of your separation anxiety.

  • Take a day to walk down the street of your new community to become acquainted with a local bakery, coffee shop, etc.
  • Say ‘Hi’ to a new neighbor
  • Take some time to self-reflect on what you want your new life to be
  • Be patient with yourself – change takes time

Separation anxiety creeps up when you least expect it.  You have to be vigilant about its impact on you and your loved ones. More importantly, seek the guidance of a medical professional if you find its unmanageable.

Manage Moving in Bite-Size Tasks

Here’s the thing about moving and separation anxiety. Feeling caught between moving and separation anxiety is a natural fear. Rather than let the work of decluttering, packing, sorting, and closing finances on a new home debilitate you, seek help to balance the workload.

Many of us have sleepless nights brooding about the mountain of stuff to clear out.  A family member shared she was up at 2am packing because the pressure to be out of her house kept her up!

But, guess what? You can mitigate the frustrations long before feelings of separation anxiety get the better of you by enlisting the help of a professional certified Home Stager and Organizer.

Once all the boxes are sorted, and you exhale after completing a thorough declutter alongside a professional certified Home Stager and Organizer, you’ll see the solutions they offer to take the pressure off you.

  • Time Management
  • Stress Management
  • Packing Management

It’s in these moments of big change where support is crucial.  You get back time. You alleviate stress. You’re more focused.

When moving day arrives, and after you double-check all the closets, rooms, and crevices, and you get inklings of separation anxiety, it’s ok.  You’re missing the familiarity of people and events lingering in your home before you hand over the keys to the new buyers.

I encourage you to still pack your favorite teddy bear. We all need memories to keep us rooted in each other.

Pick a room in need of decluttering. If you have heart palpitations, call a Certified UltimateStager™ and Ultimate Professional Organizer™ .

Have a moving memory you want to share? Drop-in into our comments! We’d love to hear your story!

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